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New Instructions For Better Brew Homebrew Beers Kits

  1. Better Brew uses genuine brewers beer yeast strains which means slower and more gentle fermentations especially during the later stages of primary fermentation.
  2. After the initial intense fermentations from the Better Brew beer making kits, it can take another full seven days to fall the final 5 or 6 gravity points. 
  3. Such slow second-week fermentation means the airlock won't be bubbling and the gravity will only be falling by an average of 1 point per day.
  4. Better Brew beer kit instructions explicitly say to leave for ten days in the primary stage (between 20-25C). 
  5. This ten-day process is exceptionally essential, even if you are an experienced homebrewer and you usually bottle when the airlock ceases bubbling.
  6.  The gravity reading may seem to suggest the same specific gravity for two days (you may not notice the 1 point drop!).
  7. If you ignore the ten-day initial fermentation time, you may have to deal with gushing bottles! 
  8. By kegging your beer, it is not as critical because of the kegs pressure release valve. 
  9. Brew Mart strongly recommends always leaving the beer for ten days in primary brewing state.
  10. For the Better Brew homebrew lagers, you can ferment your ale cooler than the 20-25C. 
  11. Doing this would mean a small quality improvement, but it's only tiny as the yeast strain Better Brew use performs very well for lagers at 20C.
  12. The lower temperature to use is between 15-20C; however, doing this will mean a much more extended brewing time.
  13. Only you can decide when to proceed at the end of the initial fermentation, monitor the gravity drops carefully and proceed to bottle when you get the same gravity for a few days 
  14. There is no quality improvement if you ferment cooler for any of the other types of beer.
  15. Allergy Advice: May contain Barley & other Cereals containing Gluten.

These are the Better Brew Beer Kits which Brew Mart stock

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