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Strawberry Cider & Wine Kits

Ah, strawberry cider! It's a refreshingly sweet and fruity beverage perfect for summertime sipping or enjoying year-round. There are several ways to enjoy this cider, depending on your preference:

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Commercially produced: Several brands offer delicious bottled or canned strawberry ciders or wine. These range from dry and crisp to sweet and bubbly, with some infused with additional fruits or spices. 

Homebrew kits: For a more hands-on experience, you can find dedicated strawberry cider brewing kits. These typically come with apple juice concentrate, yeast, nutrients, and sometimes, flavourings and instructions. The brewing process is similar to other ciders, involving fermentation, bottling, or kegging for carbonation. Popular brands include Mangrove Jacks, Craft Series, and Ciderworks.

DIY from scratch: If you're adventurous, you can make strawberry cider from scratch! This involves juicing fresh strawberries or using concentrated juice, mixing it with apple juice or cider, adding yeast and nutrients, and letting it ferment. You can experiment with various levels of sweetness and fruit combinations to create your unique flavour profile.

Cider cocktails: Strawberry cider is a fantastic base for refreshing cocktails. Mix it with vodka, gin, prosecco, or soda water and add fresh fruit, herbs, or spices for a summery twist.

Here are some additional things to consider when enjoying cider:

  • Sweetness: Choose a cider with a sweetness level that suits your taste. Some brands offer variations from dry to very sweet.
  • Fruitiness: Look for ciders with fresh and ripe strawberry flavours. Some might have additional fruit or spice infusions for added complexity.
  • Alcohol content: Strawberry ciders range from around 4% to 8%. Be mindful of your tolerance and enjoy responsibly.
  • Pair your cider with grilled chicken or fish, summer salads, or light cheeses. It can also be a delicious dessert on its own.

No matter how you enjoy it, strawberry cider is a delightful and versatile beverage that brings a taste of summer to any occasion. So raise a glass and savour the sweet and bubbly goodness!

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