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Home Brewing Hints and Tips

We all need helpful hints and tips from time to time. Here are some home brewing tips which we would like to share with you. If you have any home brewing ideas which you have tried and have found to be beneficial, please let us know either by email or telephone, and we will share with the Brew Mart homebrewing community on your behalf.

Below are Brew Marts top six  homebrew tips.

Six Top Tips for Home Brewing.

1. Research is key.

Do adequate research before you begin. Preparation is always essential to achieving good results. The internet and your local home brew shop are full of good advice for all levels of brewers. You can begin this hobby by using any of the excellent beer. wine, cider or spirit brewing kits or by reading and learning the science behind beer brewing and brew beer using your recipe using fresh ingredients.

2. Use top-quality ingredients

If you decide to work with fresh ingredients, use high-quality ingredients and store them well. Keeping your components in the fridge or freezer is the best option to maintain them well.

3. Start with a dark beer

No matter which beer style you prefer, it is good to begin by making dark beer-like stouts and ales. These dark beers will allow you to disguise most of your initial mistakes due to their rich flavour profile, so you will be motivated to keep trying till you achieve regular perfection.

4. Cleanliness and sanitation

 Maintain Exceptional Sanitation

Pay great attention to sanitation and sterilisation throughout the brewing process. You will not wish to discover a bug, dirt or bacteria in the beer you’ve spent several hours brewing. Cleaning and sterilisation start before brewing until you eventually cap the bottles. 

Anything that comes into contact with your brew must be sanitised using popular solutions such as VWP. 

5. Purchase the best brewing equipment you can afford.

Your first attempts at beer, wine, cider or spirits at home may be made with a home brewing kit. If you enjoy brewing, you are best off making long-term purchases rather than short-term ones. Always research the best brewing equipment available. It may seem extravagant, but it will save you money in the long term as it is much better made and will last much longer.

6. Keep Good Brewing Records

Maintain a good brewing log for every brewing session, whether a simple home brew kit or a complex recipe. Write down the type of kit, recipe, ingredients and outcome. Keeping records will enable you to modify recipes until you achieve perfection quickly. You can refer to your documents anytime and check what you did. 

Happiness is homemade.