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Gewurztraminer Wine Making Kit

What is a Gewurztraminer Wine?

Gewurztraminer  is produced using an aromatic wine grape variety, used in dry or off-dry white wines and also dessert wines.

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Gewurztraminer wine kits are a great way to make your own delicious Gewurztraminer wine at home. Gewurztraminer is a white wine grape variety known for its aromatic and spicy flavours. It is often described as having notes of lychees, roses, and tropical fruits. Gewurztraminer wines can be made in various styles, from dry to off-dry to sweet.

Many different Gewurztraminer wine kits are available, so you can find one that fits your budget and skill level. Some kits contain everything you need to make wine, including grape juice concentrate, yeast, nutrients, and stabilisers. Other kits require you to provide some equipment, such as the Brew Mart starter kit.

Once you have your kit, making Gewurztraminer wine is relatively simple. It typically involves following these steps:

      1. Sanitise all of your equipment.
      2. Mix the grape juice concentrate with water and yeast.
      3. Ferment the wine for several weeks.
      4. Bottle the wine and age it for a few months.

Once your Gewurztraminer is ready, you can enjoy it with various foods. It is delicious with spicy dishes, Asian cuisine, and soft cheeses.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a Gewurztraminer kit:

      • THE SIZE OF THE KIT. Wine kits come in various sizes, from small kits that make just a few bottles of wine to large kits that make up to 30 bottles. Choose a size that is right for you.
      • THE TYPE OF GRAPE JUICE CONCENTRATE: Some kits use concentrate from a specific region, such as Alsace or California. Others use a blend of concentrates from different areas.
      • THE SWEETNESS LEVEL OF THE WINE: Gewurztraminer wines can be made in various styles, from dry to off-dry to sweet. Choose a kit that makes the type of wine you prefer.
      • YOUR BUDGET: Wine kits can range from around £10 to £50. Choose a kit that fits your budget.

Buy Gewurztraminer wine. With a little effort, you can make delicious Gewürztraminer wine at home. 

So why not try it?

Where is Gewurztraminer wine from?

Originally its most famous sources have been the Alsace region of France and Germany.

The Gewurztraminer vine performs best in colder climates but can prove challenging to cultivate. 

The Gewürztraminer grape is a variety with a pink to red skin colour but with white flesh, which makes it a "white wine grape. " It" has a high natural sugar content and strongly resembles lychees. 

 Indeed, Gewurztraminer and lychees share the same aroma compounds. 

The Dry Gewurztraminer also has aromas of roses, passionfruit, and floral notes. It is pretty standard to notice some spritz (fine bubbles inside the glass). 

The sweetness of Gewürztraminer complements the spices in Asian cuisine. It also pairs well with creamy cheeses and firm, fatty (oily) wild game. 

Generally, Gewurztraminer tastes best within a year or two of release as this ensures it has the highest possible acidity, giving Gewürztraminer wine a crisp, fresh flavour. 

Dessert wines made using the Gewürztraminer grape are rare, and they command high prices due in part to the late harvesting of the vine, which is termed "noble rot."

Buy Gewurztramine wine you won't be dissapointed!