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VineCo Original Series Wine Kits

When you want an all-around easy drinking wine to suit any occasion.

The very best wine yours for making and enjoying

Hello, all of you, with the great taste – looking for a rich and rewarding experience crafting your premium quality homebrew wine kits? 

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Join the VineCo Orignal Series Wine Kit experience as they source ingredients from the world's best wine growing regions for their unique selection of the highest quality craft wine kits.

Working closely with suppliers from around the world, they are meticulous. 

Selecting only the most excellent grape juices and concentrates, they combine the most premium ingredients, their unique process and pure love of the craft to deliver the very best winemaking kits around.

Your excellent taste and VineCo Original premium winemaking kits now that's a match made in wine heaven.

General Wine KIt Information

Easy Drinking

8 L 2.11 US gal
MAKES 23 L 6 US gal

Ready to bottle in just 4 weeks.