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Magnum Wine Kits

Magnum wine kits are an excellent value home brew wine kit for the money. It is a compact kit made from 100% pure quality Italian grape concentrate, producing good quality table wines in less than two weeks. Magnum 30 bottle wine kits are low-cost, high-quality wine kits that rival many supermarket alternatives. An ideal kit for beginners!

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Magnum Rose Wine Kit

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Magnum Pinot Grigio

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Magnum wine kits produce 30 (thirty) bottles of excellent wine in under fourteen days.

These Magnum wine kits do require you to add sugar; we recommend you use brewing grade sugar,

1.8kg wine kit. 3.75kg Brewing Sugar required.

How do you make wine from a Magnum wine kit?

As with all home brew wine kits, you will need essential brewing equipment. 

Brew Mart homebrew starter kits are a good buy as they contain the necessary equipment, and buying the equipment as a kit is more economical than purchasing the items separately.


1. A large funnel helps add things to your fermenter. 

2. A trial jar to use with your hydrometer

Very important, before starting your brew 

1. Be sure to read all the Magnum wine kit instructions.

2. Sterilise all your equipment.


1. Add 5-6 litres of warm water to your cleaned and sterilised fermenter, then add the required amount of brewing sugar. Mix well until completely dissolved.

 2. Add the wine juice from your chosen Magum wine kit. Rinse the wine kit out using hot water and add to the fermenter. 

3. Top the fermenter up to 22.5 litres (5 gallons) using a hot and cold water mix to achieve a temperature of about 25 C. Mix well.

 4. Add wine yeast/nutrient (sachet no.1) and mix well.

5. Use a lid with a grommet to seal the fermenter and add an airlock half-filled with water.

 6. Leave your must to ferment at a constant temperature of between 20-25 C. Fermentation will typically take 7-8 days (a little longer if the temperature is low).

 Note: Always consider the risk of a vigorous fermentation when choosing a place for the fermenter as frothing and leaks could occur.


7. When there is no more activity (bubbles in airlock). Check that fermentation is complete using a hydrometer to give you the specific gravity. The reading should be 998 or lower. 

 An alternative is to taste the wine to see that it is not too sweet. If necessary, wait another day and re-check.

 8. Rack off to another sterilised fermentation vessel using a syphon tube. 

9. Add the stabiliser (sachet no.2) and stir very thoroughly to remove CO2. Repeat 3-4 times, leaving an hour between each session

10. Add finings A (sachet no.3), mix well, and leave for 2-3 hours. 

11. After 2-3 hours, add finings B (sachet no.4), carefully stirring to avoid disturbing any sediment.

12. Leave the wine to clear for 2-7 days, preferably in a cool place on something table height, enabling you to rack it off later without moving it.

 13. After 2-7 days, when the wine is beautiful and crystal clear, syphon it directly from the fermenter to sterilised bottles and seal with corks or plastic stoppers.

That's it - your wine is now ready to drink and enjoy!

If you can leave a few bottles until a later date, you will find that they improve even more.

Magnum 30 bottle  wine kits are excellent value for money. They are manufactured from 100% pure Italian grape concentrate to produce an exceptional table wine of your choice.

Dry Red: Magnum wine sculptured on the genuinely great Italian wines, this red wine uses the same grape juice, ensuring an excellent table wine of 12-14% ABV.

Dry White: This wine kit is derived from the Italian Trebbiano grape and produces an exquisite medium-dry white wine. 12-14% ABV.

Dry Rosé: This wine is blended using a range of fruity Italian red & white grapes. This Rosé is a delicate but fragrant wine. 12-14% ABV.

Pinot Grigio: Straw like in colour with grassy undertones with a hint of plum and citrus, one of the most famous Italian wines. 12-14% ABV

Updated January 2024