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Cider Making Starter Kit


Brew Mart has all the different varieties of cider making starter kits you will need to make your cider in the comfort of your own home.

You can use a cider making starter kit to make forty pints of high-quality cider or make your cider  from scratch using fresh fruit. 

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12L Cider Home Brew Starter Kit

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Complete Cider Making Starter Kit For Home Brewing

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Wood & Cast Iron Fruit Press 6 litre

Available to order (online only)
Wood & Cast Iron Fruit Press 12 litre

Available to order (online only)
Wood & Cast Iron Fruit Press 18 litre

Available to order (online only)
Better Brew 7L Fruit Crusher for Home Brewing

Available to order (online only)

What equipment do I need to produce cider at home?

To begin this absorbing hobby, you need a few essential pieces of equipment.

1. A bucket/fermenter and lid to make your cider together with an airlock.

2.. A hydrometer to take readings at the start and during the fermentation.

3. A long-handled paddle to stir the fermenting liquid   

4. A syphon to transfer your cider from the bucket to bottles or barrels.

5. A thermometer to keep track of the temperature during fermentation

6. Sterilising power to clean all the equipment before use

With homebrew cider making kits, you will never be short of good cider again. You can enjoy sharing cider kits with friends and family or even cater for large parties and weddings.

Brands of homebrew cider kits we stock include 


Click here to learn how to make cider or beer at home

Above all else, the homebrewers at Brew Mart wish to ensure each person who uses one of our cider making kits and cider making starter kits has a fantastic first brew day and makes something to make them proud. Brew Mart has been helping brewers since 1981, and we take pride in being experts of all things home brewing and are very happy to be able to pass on our knowledge to you, 

Brew Mart has all the cider brewing equipment you need to get you started.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Handy Hints and Tips guides.