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Chardonnay Wine Kit

Chardonnay is a full-bodied white wine known for its rich, bold flavours and Brew Mart stock the best chardonnay wine kits for you to choose from.

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Chardonnay Wine Kit: 

Chardonnay Wine Making Kit: 


Chardonnay, the versatile queen of white wines, can now grace your table thanks to the magic of home winemaking kits! Whether you're a seasoned vintner or a curious novice, there's a Chardonnay home brew kit out there waiting to spark your creativity.



  •  SKILL LEVEL: Beginner kits offer pre-measured ingredients and clear instructions, while advanced kits let you tailor your wine with different yeasts and oak chips.
  •  QUANTITY: Kits typically make 6 or 30 bottles. Consider how much Chardonnay you envision sipping (responsibly, of course).
  • PRICE: Expect a range from around £15 to £80 or more. 
  • Set a budget and stick to it!
  • GRAPE SOURCE: Some kits use concentrate from various regions, while others boast juice from specific vineyards. Choose based on your preference for fruity, oaky, or mineral notes.

Popular Chardonnay Kits:

You can find a variety of Chardonnay wine kits at Brew Mart 

Brew Mart offers free delivery on orders over £75 and has a 4.8 rating based on 709 reviews. Some of the Chardonnay winemaking kits we suggest include:

  • Cellar 7 Chardonnay 
  • Solomon Grundy Gold Chardonnay: 
  • VineCo Original Series - Chardonnay, California 8L: Vineco Estate Series - Chardonnay, Australia 10L: 
  • Beaverdale CHARDONNAY: 
  • Winebuddy Chardonnay: 

These kits are designed to make a full-bodied white wine known for its rich, bold flavours. 

Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape that originates in the Burgundy wine region of France and has spread to all the wine-growing areas of the world. 

The wines are often aged on their lees or in oak barrels to add flavours such as cream, vanilla and butter.

It is the world's most planted white grapevine. The chardonnay grape does not have a high flavour, making it very easy to create different wine styles from it.

Due to its "malleability" in viniculture, there's not one distinct universal "style" or set of constants that would be applied to Chardonnay. The grape is essential to many sparkling wines, including champagne. Chardonnay is often paired with roast chicken and other white meats like turkey.

Beyond the Kit:

Remember, you'll need equipment such as the Brew Mart wine starter kit

Don't worry; most kits list these as optional purchases or provide upgrade options.

The Journey Awaits:

Making your own Chardonnay wine kit is a rewarding experience. Follow the instructions, tweak to your taste, and soon you'll raise a glass to your creation. Remember, patience is critical – your Chardonnay will blossom with time.

Have fun exploring the world of Chardonnay winemaking! 

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Cheers!