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Pear Cider Homebrew kit

Autumn means cider season, but that means more than just apple cider. Pear cider is a delicious way to enjoy the season and preserve pears simultaneously. 
While making pear cider is similar to any other cider, the taste is as unique as the pear itself.

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Whether you enjoy fresh pear cider or ferment it into hard pear cider (known as perry), it’s well worth the effort.
The best way to make good pear cider is to find good pears. The juices of the intensely sweet dessert pear we eat fresh make a pretty one-dimensional juice. 
Avoid super sweet pears, and ideally, see if you can find an old pear tree from a forgotten variety. Most pear varieties don’t keep fresh for long, and you can only eat so many fresh pears before they spoil. 
Brewers often selected old-time pear trees to make good pear cider, and they’ll have more tartness and acidity. 
Not everyone can find a good selection of pear trees; this is where pear cider brewing kits help.
Brew Mart stocks all the best brands, which are quick and easy to brew. No messing with preparing and pressing the fruit.

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