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Examples of using Simple Distillation Apparatus 

  1. Alcoholic beverages are perfect examples. The alcohol collects is a concentrated format in a second chamber after being boiled, vaporised and separated from the rest of the mixture.
  2. .Saltwater is turned into freshwater using distillation apparatus. 
  3. Using distillation apparatus  various forms of fuel, such as gasoline, are separated from crude oil


What processes are used when using distillation apperatus?

The process starts with heating a liquid to boiling point. The liquid evaporates, forming a vapour. The vapour is then cooled, usually by passing it through pipes or tubes at a lower temperature. 

The cooled vapour then condenses, forming a distillate.

What is an example of  water distillation?

The principle for the operation of a distiller is easy. Heat water to boiling in an enclosed container. Inorganic chemicals, significant non-volatile organic chemicals, and microorganisms are left behind or killed in the boiling chamber as the water evaporates.

Water Distillation

 A salt water distillation mixture separates saltwater to produce pure water and salt. During the process of the distillation the water starts to evaporate, and that vapour then cools down to form pure water. 

A second container then collects the purified water.

What are the advantages of distillation?

The advantages of distillation are:

  1. High purity products.
  2. Economies of scale.
  3. Well-established technology and competitive supply of equipment.
  4. Use of low temperature, low-cost energy.
  5. Well suited for energy integration into the surrounding process.

How does a distillation kits work?

Distillation apparatus kits consists of a boiling flask which is attached to an adapter which is holding a thermometer (to determine the boiling temperature of the liquid). The adapter connects to a condenser into which cold water is constantly passed through.

Brew Mart has all the distillation apparatus need to produce a perfect distillate.

  1. Still Spirit Yeasts - Yeast for making gin, whiskey, rum and also yeasts to purify the distillate.
  2. Distilling ingredients and additives - essencial items to give a better taste and finish to your alcoholic beverages.
  3. Home brew simple distillation apparatus - distillation kits for making your alcohol beverages or distilling water.
  4. Still Spirits liqueur bases - the perfect finish to enhance your liqueurs to match commercial products.



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