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Magnum Cider

Magnum a quality homebrew cider kit of great value giving you the choice of apple, pear, elderberry and strawberry.  Homemade cider kits to be proud to share with friends.

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    •  Magnum Cider makes 23 litres of superb cider in less than 14 days.
    • Magnum cider kits are made from high quality European juices of 100% quality concentrate, 
    • These kits produces a stunning cider with 5-6% alcohol and a very clear and crisp taste.
    • Cider from one of the most popular wine kits brands
    • These kits contains 1.7kg of concentrate. 
    • The instructions provide details for making either wine or cider.
    • It will need an extra 1.3kg of sugar to produce 23 litres of cider with an ABV of 6%. 
    • Alternatively, add 3.5kg of sugar to make 23 litres of medium dry cider with an ABV of 11.5%.
    • Each kit includes an flavour sachet which is added at the end. 
    • The flavoured sachet may produce a slightly overpowering flavour, so we suggest only adding half first.
    • You can always add more later. You can not take it out.
    • Makes 5 gallons

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