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Amarone Italian wine making kits are a full-bodied, rich dry red wine and is a delicious wine to pair with a wide variety of foods.

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Generally speaking, full-bodied Italian red wines are characterised by dominant red fruit flavours.

Using four types of grapes in the making of Amarone the Corvinone, Corvine, Rondinella and Molinara. The Corvina and Corvinone grapes are known to produce the highest quality of wines.

Grapes are harvested when ripe in the first two weeks of October, by carefully choosing bunches of grapes which are not too close to each other, to let the air flow.  Grapes are allowed to dry, traditionally on straw mats over winter.

This process is called Appassimento or Rasinate (to dry and shrivel) in Italian. Using this concentrates the remaining sugars and flavours. They are then pressed and fermented very slowly. The resulting wine is a very ripe, raisiny full-bodied wine with minimal acid and full of character.

Amarone is an expensive wine due to the long fermentation and the number of vines used, typically twice as many grapes as other wines.

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