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1 Gallon Wine Making Kits

1 (one) gallon wine making kits from Beaverdale and Solomon Grundy.

Each 1 gallon wine kit make 6 X 750ml bottles

One gallon wine making kits are an excellent choice to try out as a tester before investing in the larger 5 (five) gallon kits.

6 bottle wine kits fit perfectly into a 1  gallon demijohn or 5 litre bucket during fermentation.

All the wines have yeast, stabiliser and finings and are perfect for a beginner looking for quality wine.

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Solomon Grundy also does six-bottle wine kits made from fruit. The fruit choices are apricot, cherry, strawberry and peach.
Solomon Grundy also does a 6 (six) bottle / 1 (one) gallon elderflower wine kit.

The 1 gallon / 6 bottel has one and a half litres of concentrate. 
The 5 gallon / 30 (thirty) bottle size has seven and a half litres of concentrate,

The House of Beaverdale uses a pure grape concentrate of extremely high quality. It allows people to produce excellent wines at home comparable to wines of those produced professionally in the Chateaux of the world's most significant wine-producing regions.
Beaverdale uses a single grape or grapes from an area like Rioja to achieve this.
Beaverdale's grapes arrive from areas worldwide, representing the finest grape varieties.
Beaverdale carefully balanced the grapes with sugars to maintain the highest consistency and quality standards. Like all good wines, the House of Beaverdale wine will improve with keeping, but we firmly believe you will be delighted with the taste within a week of finishing the wine.
If, however, you can lay down a few bottles from each batch, they will have a chance to mature perfectly.

Solomon Grundy homebrew wine kits are the original 7 (seven) day wine kits. 
Solomon Grundy came onto the market in 1995, and these kits quickly established themselves as the most popular kit. 
If brewed on Monday, they can be drunk by Sunday.

Published february 2022