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Brew Mart Setting New Standards In Digital Customer Service & Peace Of Mind.


In conjunction with our web developers, Brew Mart works hard to improve our online services for our customers.

We aim to provide greater security and flexibility in our online systems to provide better services for our customers and provide greater peace of mind. Peace Of Mind

One of our most outstanding and unique developments is our integration with our online payment system. 

Our system ring-fences the funds authorised for the transaction.

These funds, although allocated for payment, have NOT been taken. 

Ring-fencing enables us to manage your order very differently. Ring Fenced

Firstly we can edit your order in any way you require until we confirm the order is complete. 

Secondly, although your bank may show the funds have gone, no funds are transferred until we confirm the items are despatched. 

Therefore, if, heaven forbid, something should happen to Brew Mart, your funds are safe. 

Cancel the order, and the bank will release the funds from being ring-fenced in your account. 

Removing funds from being ring-fenced typically happens in a few hours.

However, banks allow up to three days to process the release. Order Despatched