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Home Brew Starter Kit

Essential brewing equipment put together as a home brew starter kit to enable you to brew a beer, wine, cider or spirits in your own home. 

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Purchasing the homebrew equipment from Brew Mart as a homebrew starter kit works out better value than buying each item separately

Each home brew starter kit usually contains this equipment

  • fermenter, for you to use to brew your beer, wine, cider or spirit.
  • Cleaner/steriliser essential when home brewing to keep all the equipment clean
  • Hydrometer to measure the density of your brew
  • An airlock to keep the air out and indicates the progress of the fermentation.
  • thermometer to keep a check on the temperature of your brew
  • syphon to syphon your brew into a new container, e.g. barrel or bottles.
  • long-handled spoon or paddle
  • Instructions on how to use the homebrew starter kits

  • Check out our Handy Hints and Tips guides.


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