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St Peters Beer Kits

These Beer Kits have been an excellent addition to Brew Mart right from the very start; they produce a solid beer every time and with consistently impressive results.

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St Peter's Ruby Red Ale

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St Peter's Golden Ale

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St Peter's Cream Stout 36pt

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St Peter's Honey Porter 40pt

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St Peter's IPA 32pt

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St. Peters beer-making kits are designed to emulate the commercial beer with a range of 3kg all-malt beer kits, meaning no fermenting sugar is required.
With the concept of a brewery-based beer kit well established, a relationship has been formed with St Peter's brewery to develope a home brew beer kit range that consistently matches their popular commercial beers. Every new beer kit launched is shaped and approved by its head brewer. 

The beer kits are all Malt (no additional sugar needed except priming) and only require the addition of water. They are simple to make and only need the can warming to loosen the Malt.

St Peters beer making kits include a 

Cream Stout, Approx: 5.0% ABV
This Cream Stout beer kit produces 36 pints. Challenger and Fuggles hops plus a blend of 5 local malts create an aromatic, robust and cream stout with a satisfying dark chocolate bittersweet aftertaste. Serve at room temperature.

IPA, Approx: 5.5% ABV
Traditionally highly hopped and robust to survive the long voyage to the Indian sub-continent. The result is a full-bodied Pale Ale with a zesty character.

Golden Ale, Approx: 4.7% ABV
English Pale malts coupled with Challenger and Goldings hops provide bitterness and aroma. The result is a highly distinctive light, golden ale with caramel aromas, a pleasing toffee apple flavour and a late bitterness.

Ruby Red Ale Approx: 4.3% ABV
This Ruby Red Ale beer kit makes 40 pints. 
A tawny red ale kit producing subtle malt undertones and a distinctive spiciness from the Rye malt. 
Serve lightly chilled or at room temperature.

Honey Porter Approx: 5.0% ABV
A traditional English Porter, auburn red in colour, is finished with honey for a unique aroma and taste. Honey aromas on the nose and flavours of honey, chocolate and hints of vanilla make this a unique and pleasing ale.

Five beer types give something for everyone to enjoy.

St. Peter's Brewery is one of England's original craft breweries, located alongside the moated St. Peter's Hall, deep in the picturesque Suffolk countryside.
St. Peter's Brewery is situated in the beautiful unspoiled countryside in north Suffolk, close to the historic market town of Bungay. St. Peter's Hall is the centrepiece of the brewery site and dates from around 1280. In 1539 the East wing was added using materials from the nearby Flixton Nunnery, one of a dozen Monastic houses given to Cardinal Wolsey by King Henry VIII to finance the building of a school in Ipswich, Suffolk's county town. Then as today, Suffolk barley was carefully malted to brew beers, and that tradition lives on today in the St Peter's brewery.

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