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Still Spirits Flavoured Tequila Essences

Still Spirits Top Shelf Tequila flavourings and essences

Add the best Still Spirits essences and flavourings to instantly flavour home-distilled neutral spirits.

Tequila is a bitter-sweet spirit typical of the Mexican national drink.

Still Spirits has developed a range of flavoured tequila inspired by the best liqueurs and spirits worldwide.

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Each flavoured tequila is designed to be added to a neutral spirit and adds the specific alcohol flavour you desire. The 'Top Shelf' range of flavours is beautifully presented in 50ml bottles labelled individually to indicate the spirit or liquor they evoke.


Each essence bottle will flavour three standard-size 750ml bottles.


Still Spirits is the recognised world leader in distilling products and spirit flavours. With Still Spirits, you can easily make low-cost alcohol into delicious, full-flavoured alcoholic Liqueur that evokes the taste of far more expensive liqueurs and spirits.


These are flavouring only and do not include alcohol.

Still Spirits Flavouring and Essences


Tequila is a distilled liqueur made from the blue agave plant, grown mainly in the surrounding area of Tequila near Guadalajara, Mexico.


The rich volcanic soils in the region of Tequila are especially suited for growing blue agave, and more than 300 million plants are harvested there each year.

The agave plant grows differently depending on the region where it is grown. 

Blue agave is more significant and sweeter in taste and aroma if grown in the highlands Los Altos region. 

Agaves harvested in the valley region have subtle herbaceous flavour and fragrance.

Due to its cultural and historical significance, the region of Tequila has declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site during 2006.


Flavour and aroma of Tequila


There are more than three hundred known compounds in Tequila.

Many of these are 

  1. Produced during the fermentation process.
  2. Depend on The raw material used.
  3. To a lesser degree during the maturation.

The components that makeup Tequila 

  1. These components do not act individually to give Tequila its characteristic flavour and aroma. 
  2. The components depend on the interaction and quantity of each and every volatile compound.
  3. The volatile compounds responsible for Tequila's flavour and aroma profiles are put into a category called organoleptic compounds.
  4. These components are known to increase in concentration when fermented slower.