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Still Spirits Brandy Flavouring

Now you can make your own delicious home brew brandy using Brew Marts home distilling equipment and Still Spirits Top Shelf Brandy Flavourings.

Brandy Making - Brandy is produced by distilling wine to make a spirit, it is usually between 35 to 60% alcohol by volume and is usually enjoyed as an after dinner drink.

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Brandy Making

Brandies can be aged in wooden casks, or alternatively, some are coloured with a caramel colouring thus imitating the effect of ageing, and others are produced using a combination of both ageing and colouring. 

 Brandy can be produced from any fruit wine such as pear, plum, or apple (Calvados) as is usually labelled with the fruit it is produced from.

The taste of home brew brandy is governed by the fruit it is produced from, and its maturity, however brandies generally are sweeter than whiskey and taste of flowers, fresh and dried fruit and citrus zest.

Still Spirts have a selection of brandy flavouring for you to choose from.

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Still Spirits Flavouring and Essences


Still Spirits Brandy Flavouring


Apricot Brandy

Top Shelf Apricot Brandy


Top Shelf Apple Brandy

Cherry Brandy

Top Shelf Cherry Brandy

Grand Marnier

Top Shelf Grande Paris

Hennessey Cognac

Classic Brandy


Top Shelf French Brandy

Napoleon Brandy

Classic VSOP Brandy

Orange Brandy

Top Shelf Orange Brandy

Remy Martin

Top Shelf Napoleon Brandy