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Brew Mart, the home brew store Sheffield. is both an online and a physical store that specialises in selling supplies and equipment for people who want to make beer, wine, mead, cider, spirits or other fermented beverages at home. 

Homebrew Beer Kits

Here at Brew Mart , we are passionate about homebrewing equipment, home brew kits and anything to do with making home brew.

Since 1974, Brew Mart has established a fantastic reputation both in the homebrew store and homebrew online, not just for the quality beer and cider-making products we sell but also for ingredients such as grains, hops, yeast, and malt extracts, as well as equipment such as fermenters, and bottling supplies. Brew Mart is continuously updating, reviewing & stocking the latest homebrew kits, equipment & supplies for the home brewer.

Homebrew stores are popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts who enjoy the process of making their alcoholic beverages, either as a personal hobby or to share with friends and family. 

Brew Mart provides a one-stop shop for all the necessary homebrew supplies and equipment, guidance, and brewing advice.

Overall, a homebrew establishment can be an excellent resource for anyone to learn more about the art and science of brewing beer, wine, or other fermented beverages.

How Can I Get My Home Brew To Work Correctly?

When it comes to having an in-depth understanding of brewing beer, cider and wine, the experts at Brew Mart have you covered. We pride ourselves on continually improving our knowledge base and passing that on to our customers through the second-to-none customer service we strive to provide for every one of the customers we serve.

Our passion always shines through, so whether it's starter kits, brewing grains, hops, yeast and any homebrew supplies you can think of, Brew Mart offers it all. We have a wide range of stock, which makes us confident you will find something that suits your tastes.

Find Out More

If you would like to update your knowledge about the extensive range of products available at Brew Mart, feel free to call our friendly team, and we will be happy to help and advise in any way we can. Many of the brewers we help praised us for our fantastic aftercare service and hints and tips.

Home Brew Beer, Wine and Cider Recipes

We provide starter kits for beers, wines and ciders, so we have you covered no matter your favourite tipple. With lots of helpful information about homebrew on line and the many benefits brewing your alcohol brings, you can be secure in knowing that Brew Mart is a one-stop - homebrew shop for all your home brewing needs.

The excellent staff at Brew Mart will always greet you with a warm welcome, all of whom love brewing just as much as we're sure you will.

 Our kits and ingredients are affordable and always of the highest quality, so whether you are trying home brewing as a hobby or as a business, the team at Brew Mart can help.

Homebrew Cider Kits

We can supply all the ingredients you need to make your cider. Some of the elements you might need are:-



Malic Acid

Campden Tablets

Precipitated Chalk

Potassium Sorbate

There are other ingredients, and we will happily review how each affects your brew.

Wide Range Of Stock Available

As mentioned, we have a large stock for brewing beers, wines and ciders. When you choose Brew Mart, you get the very best in stock quality and the benefit of many years of experience that our team has built up.

Our stock levels are topped up regularly and updated on the website, so you should always be able to find what you need. You can also contact us if you want something specific to see if we have it in stock.

Home Brew Shop Based In Sheffield

Based in Sheffield but covering the whole of the U.K. with its online store, Brew Mart believes that we should always be your first option when searching for home brew equipment and supplies online.

We love interacting with our customer base and have even enjoyed tasting some of their finished product. Not too much, of course!!

If you are based in Sheffield or the surrounding areas, you can always pop in and see us for a friendly chat. If you are not local, simply get in touch here, and we will be delighted to call you and help in any way we can.  

Contact Us

If you are still unsure about any of the products or services we provide to home brew enthusiasts across the U.K, please do not hesitate to browse the website for information and contact us for any additional information. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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