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Beer Brewing Hops

Hops are the essence of beer brewing for both the home brewer or commercial brewer. They are the tiny cone-shaped flower heads of the Humulus lupulus plant which provide both bitterness (IBUs) and a wide variety of flavour to an extensive range of beer styles.

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Be it bittering or aroma, tropical, resin, noble-hop spice or earthy English undertones, hops are one of the vital flavour ingredients to brewing a quality beer.

Brew Mart is a proud supplier of quality malt, grains, hops and yeast for the home brewer and the micro-brewery trade since 1981.

Our vacuum-packed beer brewing hops show the harvest date and the Alpha Acid & Beta Acid content.

The Alpha Acid is what provides the bitterness, the higher the level, the more robust bitterness.

Hops for the home brewer or micro brewer which Brew Mart have in stock are varieties of American Hops, European Hops, Hop leaf,  New world Hops, and U.K. Hops.