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Brewing since 1974

About Us

Keeping Sheffield Brewing for over 40 years

Brew Mart, in the hands of its new owner Samuel Kay, is still run as a family business. Established by 1974, it still trades in quality homebrew products and home brewing equipment.

 Brew Mart started as a discount store and did very well for over 40 years.

 In 2015 new owners bought the shop and invested considerably to update the shop and the website. Our ambition is to keep the tradition of offering great value for money while developing an even greater culture of excellent customer service combined with a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience for all.

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We aim to develop the business further in the coming years and invite you to like our Facebook page to follow our progress.

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As a long established and successful business we like to think that Brew Mart has made its way into Sheffield brewing history. Selling hops, malt, yeast and grains to the real ale enthusiasts and wine making kits  and dried fruits & flowers to the wine enthusiasts.

We know that a lot of our customers have developed considerable skills in brewing and winemaking. We say that with confidence having sampled some excellent beers and wines that they have brought us to enjoy.

Sheffield is now the Real Ale Capital of the World, partly because of the number of micro-breweries that have established themselves in Sheffield.

Sheffield Real Ale Capital

We know that water in the Sheffield city region is good for brewing. And we certainly like to believe that a high proportion of the owners and employees of these micro-breweries might well have started out in home-brew and therefore may have been customers of Brew Mart.

The current owner of Brewmart is also related to the Ward family, who owned Ward’s Brewery in Sheffield so he’s continuing a proud family tradition.

Our ambition is to make the Brew Mart name synonymous with Sheffield Brewing; a strong and proud tradition.

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