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How to Bottle Home Brewed Wine, Beer & Cider.


Filling Bottles With A Syphon.

Filling bottles with a syphonis is very similar to racking off. The bucket needs to be raised above the bottles, to allow syphonic action to work. Then, as with racking off, draw the liquid through the syphon using suction or pump action, if you have a pump action syphon. Once the beer or wine is flowing, fill the bottles. You will need to either turn the syphon tap off or pinch the syphon tube to stop the flow when moving the syphon between bottles. When syphoning you are restricted to filling one bottle at a time. People have experimented with different ways of filling multiple bottles with a syphon or two, but none have proved practical as yet.


A little bottler is a tap with a sediment shield. Position the tap toward the bottom of the bucket. Low enough to get all the beer out, high enough to avoid unwanted sediment, and avoid the tap protruding below the base of the bucket. In practical terms, this means the body of the tap needs to be about 25-30mm from the bottom of the bucket.

The tap comes with a bottling device, which is a rigid tube with an automatic shut of device fixed at the bottom end.
The tube has four thin prongs at the bottom which maintain a gap between the bottom of the tube and the bottom of the bottle, which allows the liquid to flow when the seal made by the shut off device is broken.
A fifth prong is attached to the shut off device, which will facilitate the breaking of the seal when a bottle is pushed up on to the bottling device.
When a bottle is lifted to the bottler, the bottom of the bottle needs to push up on the pin of the shut off device.
This will raise the device clear of the base of the tube and will break the seal created by the auto shut off device.
The liquid will flow into the bottle and when the bottle is full, take it away and the device will automatically re-seal itself.
Repeat this process until the bottles are full, or the bucket is empty. People have used two bottling devices on one bucket with notable success. We do not recommend using a bottling device and a syphon together. We tried it, purely for research, and it did not work well.

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