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Wine Making

What are the steps in wine making for beginners?

Wine making is the production of wine, beginning with selecting the fruit, fermentation into alcohol, and bottling the finished wine.

The history of wine making goes back over millennia. 

The art of wine and winemaking is known as oenology. A winemaker is sometimes called a vintner. The term for growing grapes is viticulture, and there are wide varieties of grapes.

Wine making can be divided neatly into two categories: still winemaking production without carbonation and sparkling winemaking production with carbonation – natural or injected. White wine, rosé and red wine are the other main categories. Although most winemaking production is from grapes, you may also produce it from other plants.

Making Homebrew Wine

1. Ensure your wine making equipment is thoroughly sterilised and then rinsed clean. 
2. Select your home-brew wine kit
3. Using your fermenter, mix the contents of your wine kit with the required amount of liquid
4. Add sugar if required
5. Add wine yeast
6. Add the lid to the fermenter together with the bung and airlock
7. Allow fermenting
8. When the fermentation has finished, transfer the wine into bottles and allow it to mature

What is the equation for wine making?

Grape Juice + Yeast – Oxygen = Alcohol + Carbon Dioxide

This formula is the basis for understanding the entire wine making process. 

It is simplified, and there is indeed much more involved. However, this is enough to begin understanding why we do what we do when we make wine.

How long does it take to turn grapes juice into wine?

Grape juice transforms into wine during the fermentation process. To accelerate the process, winemakers add yeast to the liquid to start fermenting. The yeast interacts with the sugars in the grapes, turning the sugar into alcohol. 

Fermentation takes around two to three weeks to complete.

How soon can you drink homemade wine?

When is homemade wine ready to drink? In conclusion, the minimum time it takes to be able to drink your wine is two months. This time involves the entire process of processing, the fermentation process and the minimal ageing process of the bottle. It's very ill-advised to hurry into the opening of wine.

Is making wine cheaper than buying?

Wine Making is rewarding and inexpensive.

Making your wine is much cheaper than buying wine from the grocery store or off licence. Once you cover the upfront costs of all the supplies and equipment, making additional batches can cost as low as £2.00 per bottle.

How much does it cost to make wine at home?

The supplies and equipment necessary to make five gallons of wine at a time will cost around £50 to £100. After that, each five-gallon batch of homemade wine will cost between £20 to £80. A five-gallon home brew wine kit should give you forty bottles of wine.

What is fermenting and fermentation?