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What's In A Homebrew Cider Kit?

The primary ingredient in every homebrew cider kit is concentrated fruit juice.

Though the amount and concentration may vary.

Some cider kits also have malt extract in for extra body.

Most cider kits have a base of apple juice which can then be supplemented with a small addition of a super concentrate of other fruit juices or essences to add extra flavours.

These are typically Mixed Berry, Elderflower, Pear, Toffee and so on.

These additional flavours may be added to the apple juice during production or provided in a sachet for the homebrewer to add during the mix.

Homebrew Cider Kits typically come in 1.8kg tins or 3kg boxed kits.

Each with their own specific set of instructions and cider yeast.

More expensive cider kits will have better quality yeasts and more of the juice concentrate.

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