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What's in a Home Brew Beer Kit?

All Home Brew Beer Kits contain malt extract, hop essence and a sachet of yeast.  These are the basic ingredients required to make beer.

Each kit contains a ready-made mix of ingredients for the home brewer to produce bitters, pale aleslagers, stouts etc quickly and easily.

By buying homebrew kits, not only do you get a superior product, you are buying it significantly cheaper than the ready-made products, and there is peace of mind in knowing that only pure extracts are used in the production of homebrew kits plus you avoid paying any alcohol duties.

Homebrew ale kits primarily contain concentrated malt extract which provides the foundations for the taste and type of beer.

This extract is used to make a "wort" by adding water and occasionally brewing sugar (dextrose) or beer enhancer depending on the kit.

The malt extract will also contain hop essences.

Some beer kits will also provide a hop sachet.

Hops are traditionally used for adding a bitter flavour and subtle aromas. With more recent developments in hop breeding, they can add a greater range of flavours and aromas and some with greater intensity.

Finally, each beer kit comes with its own unique beer yeast.

Yeast is the final and most significant ingredient which defines the flavour, again the better quality kits have better quality yeasts.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions please feel free to pop in the shop, or give us a call on 0114 2746850.