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Common Problems - Beer Making



  Too Flat Probably caused by drinking the beer too early. It takes three weeks to carbonate the beer fully so store in a cold room for three weeks before refrigerating

Too Fizzy
You can also over-carbonate your beer. There are several root causes: bottling too early, too much sugar or bottles that have been underfilled. Also, ensure all your equipment is completely sterile.

Too Chemically
Probably caused by bacteria getting into the mix. There is no cure. You will need to throw out your beer and thoroughly sterilise your equipment. Use an extra packet of yeast for the next brew.

Too "Eggy"
Beers can smell of rotten eggs if they have been exposed to too much light and air, allowing sulphur to get in. The beers are not ruined, and the smell can often disappear by itself if you chill the beer and wait a little longer before bottling. If this does not work, run carbon dioxide through the mix.

There's Beer Everywhere!
You are probably using a container that is too small. When the beer ferments, you need about 20% extra capacity to allow room for the bubbles and froth. If you have a 25-litre container, you can make 20 litres of beer, not 25.

  Nothing's Happening!
If your beer has not started to ferment after 48 hours, the likelihood is that it is too cold. Add more yeast and move your brew to a warmer location. It should be between 20 and 25 degrees.

Too Cloudy Occurs at the chilling stage and does not affect the taste of the beer. However, try adding beer finings to your brew after the fermentation process has finished.