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Mangrove Jacks cider yeast MO2

Cider Yeast

Buy the best homebrew cider yeasts for all the different types of cider making from Brew Mart Sheffield.

The different types of cider making are hard, sparkling, sweet, dry, apple or any fruit, champagne and beer to name a few.

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The term hard cider is used to differentiate cider making which, has been fermented and is an alcoholic drink instead of fruit that has just been pressed and is pure fruit juice. By yeasts very nature, all yeasts start fermentation, which creates an alcoholic beverage, and in this category, it can be called hard cider.

All cider is Sparkling. However, some can be more sparkling than others, and this is achieved by using a yeast for sparkling cider making, such as GV3 or EC1118 or Young's dry cider yeast. The latter two contain a bayanus yeast strain which is particularly good for apple cider making yeast.

We then have a choice depending on your tastes of sweet or dry cider yeast. Both of them are fine, and you can not say which is the better yeast for sweet or dry cider making as it all comes down to individual taste in the end.

What about using a beer or ale yeast when home brewing cider?

Cider is a fermentation process, whereas beer is a brewing process. However, a novelty that seems to come from America is to use beer yeast such as Nottingham Ale Yeast when fermenting your cider, and this produces a clean, crisp finish to your cider.


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