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Wine Yeast Know How?



Dry yeast can be refrigerated or frozen for greater stability during long-term storage. Allow cold yeast packages to reach room temperature then rehydrate as directed for use.


Dissolve the dry yeast in 50 ml (2 oz) in warm NOT HOT water (40°- 43°C /104°-109°F)

Let stand 15 minutes without stirring, then stir well to suspend all the yeast.

Add to a prepared must. (The yeast should not be kept in the rehydration medium longer than recommended.)

Gervin Active Dry Yeasts

Gervin Yeast - No. 1:

Green Label, General purpose Bordeaux (Narbonne) strain for both white and red wines. It starts quickly, works at temperatures down to 15c and settles well at the end of the fermentation period. High tolerance to sulphur dioxide (up to 100 ppm).

Gervin Yeast - No. 2:

Red Label, Full-bodied red table Burgundy/Champagne (Montrachet). Vigorous yeast, giving a rapid start-to-finish to fermentation. Excellent for all red table wines, it is especially recommended for making wines from autumn fruits such as blackberries, elderberries, and sloes. It will ferment at temperatures down to 15° c. Beware of foam.

Gervin Yeast - No. 3:

Yellow Label, Sparkling, dessert, dry white table Champagne. This yeast is designed to produce sparkling wines, so it tolerates higher levels of alcohol than most yeasts and is ideal for dessert wines which can create more alcohol.

It is excellent for restarting stuck fermentations and will ferment well from 12-30°c.

Gervin Yeast - No. 4:

Black Label, High Alcohol Wine Yeast is low foaming, very tolerant high alcohol wine yeast.
It is fast-acting and which will produce alcohol up to 21% ABV given adequate nutrient levels.

Gervin Yeast - No. 5:

White Label, Quality white table wines. This French yeast is particularly suitable for making quality white fruit table wines. It forms little foam and ferments well at low temperatures (8-15° c), thus ensuring that the wines develop excellent bouquets.

Gervin Yeast - No. 6:

Orange Label, High alcohol, sparkling, restarter for stuck fermentations.

Gervin Yeast - No. 7:

Black Label, Ideal for restarting a stuck or sluggish ferment with residual sugar - suitable for all wines

Gervin Yeast - No. 8:

Described as an "aromatic" yeast, which develops a pleasant and lasting aroma.

It ferments easily over the temperature ranges of 18 - 30°C.

Gervin Yeast - No. 9:

Another high quality "aromatic" yeast, selected for the production of wines with a young fruity bouquet, similar to many of those produced in Germany.
It starts easily and creates little frothing.

Gervin Yeast - No. 10:

It has similar characteristics to GV3 but is considered somewhat superior by many professional winemakers.
It is highly recommended for making sparkling wines, dessert wines and for restarting "stuck" fermentation.

Gervin Yeast - No. 11:

iI produces exceptionally fruity wines with an elegant bouquet, especially reds in the Beaujolais style.

Lalvin Yeast - RC212:

Quality red table Bordeaux SF strain. This French yeast was selected to complement and enhance the characteristics of the grapes. Used for the production of red Bordeaux (Claret) wines, it ferments well at 18-35° c.

Lalvin Yeast - EC1118:

Champagne, sparkling, dessert wine, Prise de Mousse strain EC1118. This yeast is said to be involved in the production of 70% of all Champagne. It has similar characteristics to No.3 yeast but is considered hardier by many professional winemakers. Recommended for making sparkling wines and for restarting stuck fermentations. Capable of producing alcohol up to 18.5%.