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Lager Yeast

Brew Mart has a number of lager yeasts to choose from, ranging from your standard English lager yeast, to specialist yeasts for American Steam Lagers, or German lagers.

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Typically, lager yeasts prefer cooler conditions than wine or beer yeasts.  Where as most beer or wine yeasts prefer temperatures around 20ºC (room temperature) lagers perform better and produce better results at lower temperatures.

 Lager yeast temp is usually around 15ºC.   This is the main reason many home brewers struggle to get good results from a lager.  Once they are aware of the temperature difference required they get much better results.

Many home brewers now brew lager in the winter months when temperatures are a little cooler, and its easier to keep the temperature down.  It also allows plenty of time for the lager to mature before drinking in the summer.

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