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Brew Mart Is passionate about bees and their unique effect on the environment, and we are happy to say that we have joined forces with "More Bees Please" to help with their mission to champion the cause of sustainable beekeeping, empowering individuals and communities to foster a thriving environment for bees. Our commitment is to promote the well-being of these vital pollinators, protect their habitats, and ensure the sustainability of beekeeping practices for future generations. We are also committed to providing you with the best possible natural honey and beeswax products from our hives.


Core Values: Bee-Centric Approach: More Bees Please prioritize the health and welfare of bees above all else, recognizing their crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and food security.

Sustainability: Their practices are guided by principles of environmental stewardship, emphasizing methods that support the natural behaviour of bees and minimize negative impacts on their habitats and ecosystems.

Education and Awareness: They strive to raise awareness concerning the critical role of bees in our environment and educate beekeepers and the public on sustainable beekeeping practices.

Collaboration and Community: They actively foster a collaborative and inclusive community of beekeepers, researchers, environmentalists, and enthusiasts, pooling our knowledge and resources for the betterment of bees.

Ethical Beekeeping: They uphold ethical standards in beekeeping, promoting responsible beekeeping methods that prioritize the well-being of the bees and avoid harmful practices such as over-harvesting, overcrowding, and excessive use of chemicals.

Research and Innovation: They continually support and invest in research initiatives that contribute to advancing sustainable beekeeping techniques and understanding bees' needs.

Advocacy and Policy: More Bees Please (MBP) advocates for strong policies that protect bees and their habitats, collaborating with policymakers and organizations to drive positive change for bee populations worldwide.

Community Engagement: They actively engage with local communities, encouraging them to participate in beekeeping initiatives and providing resources for establishing bee-friendly habitats in urban and rural areas.

Beehive Health Monitoring: MBP promotes using advanced monitoring technologies and data-driven approaches to ensure the early detection of bee health issues and timely intervention.

Sustainable Products: They encourage the production and consumption of sustainable honey and hive-related products, supporting beekeepers who uphold ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Another excellent use of honey is to make your mead using Brew Mart's mead recipe.

Through our collective efforts, More Bees Please aims to create a future where bees thrive, ecosystems flourish, and sustainable beekeeping becomes a fundamental aspect of global conservation and sustainable development. Together, we can secure a world where we not only say "More Bees, Please" but also ensure their survival for generations.